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Cloudy Sky
Once again, the green grass and trees is contrasting with the cloudy sky. Also, the sunlight is peeking through.
My Messy Bed
I used photoshop to make the photo black and white. One of my favorite things is having a messy bed. But the rest of my room must be clean.
Nail Polish
I love the wide range of colors nail polish comes in. Sadly, i do not wear a lot of nail polish. In this photo, i used the Rule of Thirds
My Purse
I do not like big purses. This medium sized purse thing that barely has anything in it, is one of my favorite things. It's plain and black. This photo has a little bit of contrast and lines.
I love when the sun is close to setting or is setting. It means it's closer to night time which i love. I am leaning how to avoid using the flash in all my photos and i am now using all the available light sources. In this case,, it is the sun.
Cloudy Sky
Another one of my favorite things is a cloudy sky. I love when the sky is cloudy. It's fun not to have the sun in the morning sometimes.
Cloudy Sky (Different View)
This photo is another angle of a cloudy sky. I like how i was able to capture the green trees which contrasted with the gray-ish sky.
Cloudy Sky
This is not one of my favorite angles of the cloudy sky. However, it has contrast and lines in this photo.
Bracelets, Necklace, Keychain
These are my favorite types of accessories I like to wear. They were ALL gifts from people i love. This photo has a little bit of contrast.
I used photoshop to make this photo black and white. I love shoes. Especially black ones.
I love music. I turn this on at night and sleep with the music playing. I like this angle because you can see it is going to be near me when i sleep.
I love to read books that are about the supernatural and/or fantasy stuff. This photo has contrast, lines, shapes, and form.
Family Photos
I love my family and these photos of my family. My dad took majority of these pictures and i think thats where i got my interest for photography from.
Jack in the Box
One of my favorite fast food places is Jack in the Box. This photo has blurred motion with a clear background.
My Dad and Nana
Two of my favorite peeps! I wish i was sitting in the middle to get a better angle of them.
I love art. This is was made when my family and i went on a trip to Hawaii.It's so pretty and full of color. Then it is contrasted with the concrete.
I love board games, It's fun to have friends and family get together and play games, like Monopoly, that could ruin relationships. This photo has lines, shapes, and a little bit of contrast.
I love comfy things like pillow and stuffed animals.This photo has color, contrast, and lines.
I love clothes. Especially when they are comfy. This photo has contrast and lines
My favorite type of gum is Oribit Sweet Mint. This photo has color, lines, a shallow depth of field, and a little bit of contrast.
Cloudy Sky My Messy Bed Nail Polish My Purse Sun Cloudy Sky Cloudy Sky (Different View) Cloudy Sky Bracelets, Necklace, Keychain Converse Speakers Books Family Photos Jack in the Box My Dad and Nana Art Sorry! Fluffies Clothes Gum
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