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Sarena and Jordan
This a photo of 2 of my friends. I like catching photos while moving along with the subject. The angle makes this photo express movement.
I love the angle of this photo. I also love cut-offs of other people within the photo unless it really confuses the audience what they are suppose to look at. But in this case, it's Lucia. Her face is the only one that is noticeable.
Sarena and Lucia
From all my photos, you see that i am constantly taking pictures of my friends. That's because 1) i do not go out a lot and find areas to choose my subjects from and 2) they already make the best subjects. They do not stand in place and are constantly doing something weird and different; i love it.
To take this photo i crouched down. Lance is 6'3. I had to make sure he was in the frame by crouching down even lower.
I like this angle of Lucia. She isn't in the middle (Rule of Thirds) which makes this photo neat-o.
Isacc and Julie
I was laying on the ground while I took this photo. I was on the ground because i was fighting to keep the previous photo. Anyway, this angle makes the photo interesting.
I love to manipulate angles of my photos. I will have fun with this.
More Shoes
I like shoes. I like B&W. I like to mess around with angles. This photo was meant to be.
I thought this will be an interesting subject for a B&W photo. I think it did because something boring now looks 'cool' (to me).
I love capturing someones personality in a photo. This photo can have better composition but i love the subject.
This photo has Rule of Thirds, iI like how my subject decided to go all "Top Model" on me.
More Feet
I have a habit of taking a picture of the floor and feet as you can see. Not my best photo but its interesting how the audience's eyes will travel from the upper left corner to the middle of the photo.
This photo could have better rule of thirds; however i like it anyway. It still looks like a pretty good photo.
This photo has rule of thirds. I like how this photo captures Thad's silly antics.
Walk Home
87% of the time, you will find me at home when there is no school. I am glad to catch some good photos while in motion. I took this photo while walking backwards. Yay, i didn't fall!
I saw this giant spider and I thought this would make an awesome subject and i took a photo of it. After it was taken, I had to stop my friend from pushing my sister towards the spider.
Walk Home
I really do love the concept of manipulating the angle of the photos. That is what i did for this photo.
Computer Desk
Not one of my best photos but i thought it will do well as a B&W photo seeing as it is kind of last minute.
Here i have more manipulative angles. I love my bed so much.
This photos has shapes and forms. I like the subject of this photo . I like to draw cartoon people.
Sarena and Jordan Lucia Sarena and Lucia Lance Lucia Isacc and Julie Shoes More Shoes Backpack Moses Moses More Feet Julie Thad Walk Home Spider Walk Home Computer Desk Bed Binders
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