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Tiny Field
I really like this photo. The sunlight lights up the grass in the field extremely well. It looks kind of calming. At the field i have cartwheeled and ran around with my friends. This field may be tiny but fun nonetheless.
I thank this place for existing so i can see the words on the boards in my teachers' classrooms. This photo shows light and shadows evidenced by the shade thing.
Hillsborough Park
I like this photo but to me personally i feel there is too much popping out. Like, you see the little brick wall and then the park and each subject stands out equally as much.
This hill takes me to Otay Ranch High. This hill is also a pain when walking up. I like how in the background you see all the apartments/houses by the heritage area.
This is the little park by where I live. I should have had a better spot to take the photo from because the bushes are blocking most of the park. At this park, my friends and I would sometimes order dominos pizza.
Auburn Lane
I have seen this brick wall since my elementary days. Oh the memories. I like the small contrast of the brick wall with the green plant..thing.
Tiny Field + Bench
At this bench my friends and i just laid here under the tree that i wish I would have not cut-off.
This is the elementary school I went to from 3rd grade. The great thing i remember about this school was that i learned how to play tetherball and some tricks with the monkey bars.
Mater Dei
For those who are religious and are Catholic, here is a church that i live by and pretty much everyone may know about (?).
125 Toll Road
If my point of view was more slanted, i think it would make this photo a little less dull than it already is because my community isn't all exciting.
Mater Dei
Is Mater Dei one of our rivals? If so, I live really close to such rivals. When it's fourth of july i can go up on the hill and the fireworks.
I think this is pretty cool that my community is promoting arts in a society that focus on math, english, and science.
Mater Dei
An entrance way to Mater Dei. I have seen this entrance way whenever we go to the mall and also when my mom likes to take us walking over here.
125 Toll Road
And here we have the famous 125 toll road. This is where you can get to places quicker with a fee.
Otay Ranch Town Center
The one attraction by where I live is the mall i live close to. I really like the orange flowers. it contrasts with the less bright colors.
Model Homes
Since there is a lot of land going south, there are a lot of buildings and model homes being built.
Otay Ranch Mall
I do not recall walking through this until the day i took this picture. I have fun at this mall especially since there is a Buffalo Wild Wings
Macy's may not have my type of clothes but my Mom love it here and this one of the stores where we would have a Mother-Daughter bonding time
This spot was a hangout spot when 8 of my friends left to go see a movie leaving 4 of us behind. We ended up having more fun and we just chilled here until we were picked up.
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