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I believe Deon was a psycho escapee so, to show that he is meant to be crazy, i converted this photo into black and white and cropped it.
Halloween (Before)
This is the original photo of Deon before i enhanced his halloween costume. He kills people with a kendama.
This was taken on Halloween. I like depth of field in the background. This photo has Rule of Thirds.
Another Halloween photo. This photo could use better composition, but i still like this photo.
The Robot
I converted this photo to black and white because i really love black and white. Plus, i thought it will evoke a weird yet calming feeling as you look at the king hiding behind a robot.
Caught Them
I got a picture of other people taking a selfie. I am proud of this photo. I am glad this angle worked.
The King
I like this photo because it has blurred motion. I was able to snap a picture of the king walking away.
Where i live, the trees are still in summer mode so i was happy to find this tree that had some red and yellow leaves.
This table will not change until the Holidays in December. However, it has some Autumn colors and i thought it will be a good subject,
Kitchen Table
FALL. LEAVES. AUTUMN COLORS: This is what the photo's content holds.
Kitchen Table
This table was a good subject because it is obviously fall related. I like the angle of this photo.
Dining Table
Messing around with angles to get Rule of thirds is fun. It is sad i have more Fall inside than outside. Dangit Trees.
I like the angle of this photo. The subject is color pencils but these are fall colors.
Purposely changing your subject was something new. I improvised and got took another photo of fall colors.
When its Fall, it tends to colder. So i thought, why not take photos of things that you wear to keep warm?
Colors + Doodle
I improvised and took this photo of fall colors. I like the angle of this subject.
Cozy Pajamas
The point of view of this photo is okay. I took a picture of this because Fall is that time of the year where it gets colder and you need warmth.
Fall equals seeking for warmth, so i thought this would be a cool subject to take and not just fall colors.
Fall Night
When it's autumn, the sun sets earlier than in the summer. So i figured how dark it was outside before 6 (It was actually 540ish) was a perfect subject.
Fall Night
Fall equals early darkness. Not just fall colors and pumpkins. I like this angle. You can see how dark it is.
Fall Night
It is not 8 o'clock. It is not even 6 at this moment. This is what happens in the Fall. I like how i capture the night sky and it contrasts with my luminated backyard.
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