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The elements line and texture contributes to the guessing that someone is wearing some sort of outerwear. There lighting shows off the colors vividly. There is shadows from the folds of the coat and the button.
Down Below
This cut-off of the photo moves the focus to he arms and legs. The shoe poking out from underneath the legs really helps the audience know that the subject was crossing her legs.
I like faded hair colors. The faded hair stands out against the blue shirt.
I love this crown. I wore it on Halloween and it is fun to wear. This photo has shallow depth of field as the focus is on the crown. Also, there are curved lines as you outline the crown.
Down Below Once More
You can see the shadows of my arms as i take the picture. Also the grass contrasts with my photography binder.
The familiar texture, angle, and the hand gives it away that the legs are being cut-off. This photo has shallow depth of field as the focus is the hand and jeans.
This photo has some contrast. The texture from the subject is familiar with a lot of people so the audience can easily guess they're jeans.
The specific line of indentation indicates the colorful object is a book. The book contrasts DEEPLY against the black sweatshirt. The audience can make out that it is a sweatshirt because of the string and texture.
The texture and the curved line of the pocket gives it away that it is sweater-like thing. At this angle, you can see the shadows inside the pocket.
The brachium of Lance
The poster in the background and the white sleeve of the jacket contrast with each other. This photo as lines (curves) and shapes (from the fence).
The shapes and forms of the subject is familiar with a lot of people so they know that it's a photo of a keyboard and a mouse. In addition, this photo has contrast (black subject + white-grayish table).
This photo consists of shapes (leaves) and lines (branches and outline of leaves). There is a little contrast with the brown branches + leave things and the green leaves.
Monopoly and SORRY!
The green and red and tan carpet contrast with each other. This photo has shape, lines from the edges of the boxes, and if you look closely at the lines of the subject, form.
Dusty Piano Keys
This photo, of course, has contrast because of the black and white keys and also because of the little labels. The piano keys have the elements form, shape and lines.
The shapes of the buttons and labels makes the audience able to infer that it is a calculator. There is contrast between the buttons themselves, the buttons and the color of the calculator, and also the calculator and table.
The color of the jeans stand out while the grass is the background. Speaking of backgrounds, this one is blurry (shallow depth of field) once again emphasizing on those apple bottom jeans.
Contrast Is Everywhere
The elements texture and lines gives the audience hints to what the subject is. In this case, the black thing is a backpack and the other thing is a jacket. They CONTRAST each other.
The form and lines of the subject is well-known to everyone as they remember they had to carry something like that for school.
This is a Human Anatomy and Physiology textbook. The cut-off shows several letters of the title of the textbook.
The design on the sweatshirt contrasts with the overall color of the sweatshirt which contrasts with the background. There are curved lines from the outlines of the sweater. Also, even though the texture isn't 100% obvious, there some shadow is present from the arm which helps those know that its something on the upper body.
Coat Down Below Hair Crown Down Below Once More Hand Knee Book Jacket The brachium of Lance Keyboard Tree Monopoly and SORRY! Dusty Piano Keys Calcumalator Legs Contrast Is Everywhere Backpack Book Sweatshirt
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