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Thanksgiving Dinner
I love food. I like how the variety of food have a variety of colors. The point of view makes it easier to see all the food.
Rainbow Fruit
I took this at a different angle. Now the colors are going up the colors of the rainbow starting with green.
Glimpse of What's Inside My Fridge
The colors in this photo try and outstand each other (contrast). This photo has shape, lines, and form. Also the cut-off just focuses on those few, colorful items.
This photo has shape coming from how i cut my apples. This photo also has curved lines from the outline of the paper plate.
Rainbow Fruit
At this angle, the colors are going down the colors of the rainbow starting with red.
This photo has lines, shape, and form coming from the package of oreos. The stack of oreos has curved lines. I took this photo at this point of view to show the stack of oreos.
This photo has contrast with the green bowls and the ziploc bags stuffed with food. This photo also has a shallow depth of field.
Rainbow Fruit
The elements of art in this photo are color and form from the fruit and lines from the counter
I love chips. The green and black bags contrast with each other , Also, there is texture in this photo as we know that the chip bags feel like.
Cornbread and Butter
The pan of cornbread and tub of butter provides shape, form and lines. My dad taken the piece of cornbread right in the middle to make my little sister mad.
Rice and Greens
The fried rice contrasts with the green. In this photo, the is curved lines from the bowl and the outline of the food.
Cornbread and Ham
I took this photo at this angle to capture all three items: the bag of ham, ham, and the piece of cornbread.The white plate makes the food more noticeable.
I like how the focus is on the spoon and green bowl. This makes everything around it a little more blurry. In other words, it's shallow depth of field.
Raisin Bread and Butter
The shadows from the packaged bread contributes to the texture in this photo. Also the red package contrasts with both the butterknife and the tub of butter.
Cereal and Milk
I purposely set this up (of course). All three items creates a triangle (composition). They also have shape, form, and lines.
Sweet Potato Pie
This photo has texture as you know the moment you pick up the pie, you feel the crust everywhere and the filling just flops onto the plate.
I had purposely stacked the green bowls. I also placed the stuffing (what is in the ziploc bag) next to it to make the photo a litle more complete.
Turkey and Ham
This battle between turkey and ham. Ham is dying out quicker. The pink is overpowered by the brown.
Thanksgiving Dinner
The foods shown in this photo contrast each other. There are curved lines from the plates and bowls. Also, there is form and different shapes.
Greens and Gravy
Contrast is everywhere once again. The greens clash with the gravy.
Thanksgiving Dinner Rainbow Fruit Glimpse of What's Inside My Fridge Apples Rainbow Fruit Oreos Leftovers Rainbow Fruit Chips Cornbread and Butter Rice and Greens Cornbread and Ham Leftovers Raisin Bread and Butter Cereal and Milk Sweet Potato Pie Leftovers Turkey and Ham Thanksgiving Dinner Greens and Gravy
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