Week 7: Motion- Freeze/Slow & Panning (All) by JasmynB5
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  2. Week 7: Motion- Freeze/Slow & Panning (All)Week 7: Motion- Freeze/Slow & Panning (All)
Hair Flip
Moses flipping her hair (Frozen).
My Friends
My friend Geli about to jump over Lance (Panning).
Photography Binder
My binder (Random).
My Friends
My friend Isacc about to jump over Lance (Panning).
Shoulder Bump
My friends shoulder bumped (Frozen). In addition, I now have a lovely picture of not only a shoulder bump, but a guy hanging from a tree branch.
This is my faucet in the kitchen sink (Frozen).
Shoulder Bump
Issac and Lance shoulder bumping.. I think... (Frozen).
Walking home. (Panning).
My friend Sammy shaking her hair (Frozen).
Shoulder Bump ?
Isacc and Lance once again (Frozen).
Shoulder Bump With A Twist, LITERALLY
My friends doing a shoulder bump with a spinning move (Frozen).
Random Arm Movements
My friend shaking her arms (Blurred).
Floating Apple
My friend throwing an apple into the air (Frozen).
My friend doing a cartwheel and people in the back wondering what the heck is happening (Blurred).
Floating Fake Apple
I threw a fake apple in the air with my left hand and took a picture with my right #Skills (Frozen).
My Friend
My friend doing attempting to do a round-off (Blurred).
Poi Ball
My poi ball that i got from Hawaii swinging (Frozen).
An Amazing Photo
My friend Isacc kicked his leg up in the air and my friend Anthony decided to jump over or something and fell on his back (Blurred).
My friend waving (Blurred).
Hair Flip My Friends Photography Binder My Friends Shoulder Bump Faucet Shoulder Bump Car Lucifer Shoulder Bump ? Shoulder Bump With A Twist, LITERALLY Random Arm Movements Floating Apple Cartwheel Floating Fake Apple My Friend Poi Ball An Amazing Photo Waving
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