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Typical pose having detected the hare paparazzi (us). [A45X7275 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
This guy seems to have been in the wars but it makes him easier to identify. [A45X7325 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
Spotted during a hare survey and also seems to be looking out for hares in the red morning light. [A45X7622 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
This guy was clearly not interested in taking part in any survey! [A45X7663 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
Actually washing but appearing to be using the old, if I can’t see you, you can’t seem me trick. [A45X8072 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
A bit grainy (called noisy in the photographic world) due to the low light levels but it is not often that a hare runs down the lens. [A45X8077 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
[A45X8083 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
[A45X8092 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
[A45X8095 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
The Guizer Jarl (the boss) with a guard either side pictured during the official photo shoot on the Sunday before the big event. People told me that Neil Oliver was there also but I never saw him. [A45X3150 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
You can tell it was a bit damp but the picture completely fails to capture the driving rain and the howling wind. What the junior squad leader has to laugh about is anyone’s guess. [A45X3417 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
It’s still raining but the wind is less in the streets of Lerwick and the junior squad leader is still smiling, You have got to hand it to him. [A45X3473 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
The warm glow is an illusion caused by the street lights which were still on! [A45X4697 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
As mentioned previously the force 10 gale meant that the usual venue for the team photo down by the harbour was unsafe and so everyone adjourned to the street opposite the town hall. It was closer to the civic reception but I heard Hugh muttering something about the nautical trees in the background. [A45X4784 Canon 1DX, EF100-400mm]
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