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Enderman Bridge
I made a bridge to my kid's island, made an Enderman and filled it up with... Endermen. :) Surprise!
Dad's Pad
Dad's pad. You can only get to it by an underwater tunnel.
Flight 123
A plane! When I came back the kids had filled it up with water.
Flight 123
The inside of the plane
The Bay
The Bay. On the far right, a Pointer: follow the direction of the blocks to the next bit of known land, across the ocean.
SandLand! There was nothing there when we started...
SandLand passage to Atlantis
I made an underground tunnel that takes all the way into Atlantis.
I built an underwater 'bubble', with a special door mechanism to enter/exit. The kids filled my Atlantis with cows.
Atlantis (detail)
To get in or out, you must break the door, enter, build the door, then break the next door, exit and build it. Otherwise the underwater Atlantis would flood.
The Bay
The Bay.
White Brick Road
A trapped-filled walkway from the Town to SandLand. I made holes and false entrances, and filled them up with spiders. The kids built a railway on it instead.
The Cemetery
The entrance to the Cemetery on the left.
The Crypt
The Crypt in the Cemetery! I hid skeletons behind false doors.
The Forest
The Cemetery at the front, and the Pathway across the forest.
PAPA's Mountain
"PAPA" spelt out really large. I built a secret home between two letters.
The Pirates are coming!
I told them the pirates would come - so I made this ship and filled it with zombies and skeletons! So when they opened the doors into the hull... arr!
Traps underground
tunnel detail. I built mazes, corridors that go around in circles, holes and dead ends... fun! The kids hate it.
The Tree House
The Tree House on the left, the Temple on the right.
I make a feature out of entrances to tunnels that I've rigged. Then I hide pigs, spiders or cows inside.
The Temple
The Temple, built between two mountains.
The Temple
I filled the Temple with Slimes, zombies and skeletons. It's got an upstairs, downstairs and a maze.
The Long Road
The Long Road! Here I started a game: I hid the numbers 1-10 and asked them to find them.
Number 2
Somewhere underground is Number 2.
At the very beginning - right after the Markers - I build Towers, because you can see them in the distance. (so you don't get lost). Then I hide monsters inside them. :)
I make tunnels, put spiders or skeletons inside and close the wall. Then I put a sign that says "break the wall", so then the spiders come out. :) Kids get really annoyed.
Long View
From Dune to the Outer Rim.
Scorpion Entrance
Scorpion entrance! Deep underground, takes you to the mountain in the distance (right).
Number 10
Number 10, with my Home in the background.
Floating island
Floating Island
Tree Home
One of my kids' creations
Photo saved on 2014-10-10 02-18-11 via iPad Photos
I found a grotto so I made an underground castle in ruins.
In the Jungle
... it's easy to get lost.
No Where
I made entrances all throughout the mountains - that lead nowhere.
Dad's Castle
My Domain. Filled with creepy crawlies, traps and villagers.
Dad's Castle
A warren of adventure!
Jungle views
I would make random bridges between trees, just for the views.
Jungle views
Featured entrance
More underground surprises...
The Dam
I made a dam and built homes in the mountain. The kids get lost in them.
Waterfall on Ice
I made a home under the waterfall - filled with deadly skeletons.
Blue House
One of my kid's amazing creations
The Movies
They made a city with shopping stores, a jail ... so I made a cinema.
Dad's Cinema!
I made a cinema.
Blue House
I think it's influenced by our time in Holland. One of my kids' creations!
Car park
by my kids!
Little Town
by my kids! So I built the cinema and made holes in the ground that go all the way - so when they fall in, they die.
Skeletons in the closet
I hide a lot of these behind doors and leave signs for my kids to 'break the door'.
Waterfall on Ice
There's a secret hideout under th waterfall - full of skeletons.
There are three entrances here. Annoying, isn't it!
R Enderman Bridge Dad's Pad Flight 123 Flight 123 The Bay SandLand SandLand passage to Atlantis Atlantis Atlantis (detail) The Bay White Brick Road The Cemetery The Crypt The Forest PAPA's Mountain The Pirates are coming! Traps underground The Tree House Entrances The Temple The Temple The Long Road Number 2 Towers Tunnels Long View Scorpion Entrance Number 10 Floating island Tree Home Photo saved on 2014-10-10 02-18-11 via iPad Photos In the Jungle No Where Dad's Castle Dad's Castle Jungle views Jungle views Featured entrance The Dam Waterfall on Ice Blue House The Movies Dad's Cinema! Blue House Car park Little Town Skeletons in the closet Waterfall on Ice Mazes
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