Landscape by Andreas Michaelou
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Broken Chair
A broken plastic chair by the lake
Lfou Village
Lofou is a village in the Limassol District of Cyprus, located 5 km northweast of Agios Therapon
City Sunset
Sunset from my balcony
Old water bridge
An old water bridge in front of an industrial area
Sunset & Windmills
Sunset on a cloudy sky with windmills in the background
Yet another Aliki salt lake photo
Another photo of Aliki salt lake at larnaca
Cyprus wine village
Wine vilage in Cyprus, close to Kelefos bridge
Kelefos Bridge
Kelefos Bridge is the most famous of the still remaining medieval bridges in Cyprus.
Broken Chair Lfou Village City Sunset Old water bridge Sunset & Windmills Yet another Aliki salt lake photo Cyprus wine village Kelefos Bridge
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