Kilauea Iki crater hike 05-10-2014 by OSphoto
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Start of the hike - through the rain forest!
Nice gigantic ferns and exotic flowers are surrounding me... But what a shitty weather for photography :(
...veeeery big ferns are all around...
What a funny spirals?... (see farther)
Kilauea Iki crater overlook. Notice a lighter hiking path crossing the crater it in the middle.The weather sucks...
Steaming vent detected!
The mystery of the purple spirals is revealed! It's also a fern - surprise :D
Look at another side of the crater
Some amazingly smelling flower
The rim of the crater
Crater rim and a steaming neighbor caldera in the back-plan
This steaming area over the rim is the caldera of the currently active volcano Kilauea
Entering the crater...
These orchids are not native to Hawaii, they are introduced from Asia. Still beautifull
Crater overlook
Fern is the first plant to start growing in the wet lava cracks
Piles of broken lava sheets
It might be dangerous to hike the young lava fields - the fragile lava layer might brake right under your feet
Stone pyramids are international
Looks like broken asphalt...
Cracked and broken lava field
Impressive cracks in the lava crust
The bottom of the crater is hard, like a huge asphalted field. Steaming vents are everywhere, white spots - sulphide
Hello rain...
It's heavily raining, water is dripping from my nose... And all the sulfur, which was collected in the air, is on my skin now... Hope I will not loose my hair after this shower
Inside the volcanic tube
Ripe coconuts!
One of the Hilo beaches
What is these feeding fish?! Sharks???!!!!
Nah, just some kind of carps... :(
If you think those white spots are some white flowers on the tree - think twice ;D
Amazing heron lake
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