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beach diptych
When going to the beach the first thing I always do is locate the lifeguard tower so I know how to go in case of an emergency. Another thing I always do when i'm not in the water is walk around or relax while watching the ocean waves go back and forth.
triptych of transportation
Transportation. It always differs depending on the person and the occasion. On the weekends I see many people skateboarding at the parks and on the sidewalk. During the school days I see more people riding bikes to get to school. Everyday I see people driving cars and cars parked on the side on the road or in the parking lot.
backyard triptych
With this triptych I decided to go and show how backyards can differ. For my family when we have people over like parties or we have a BBQ we like to go outside. When we don't have people over we still like to go outside and look at the hummingbirds that come by and just listen to the quietness with the frequent chimes of the several wind chime we have hung up.
beach diptych triptych of transportation backyard triptych
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