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Muri Lagoon
Some random fishing boat parked in the lagoon, a short walk away from our bungalow.
Muri Lagoon
Average sight from the daily beach walk.
Rarotongan Tropical forest filled with green plants; lots of ferns and twirly things..
Stem and Branches
This plant was huge, wouldn't all fit in the photo.
This flower is pretty much the emblem of the country (i don't know for sure though). We always went to this breakfast place called "the yellow Hibiscus".. amazing pancakes!
The Cook island grow a lot of their own fruit, including mainly papayas and bananas.
Red Tree
I was drawn to the red.
Peacock Tree
Cook Islands: Abundance of plants and flowers you don't usually see outside of botanical gardens.. (if you're from Canada, like me)
Hermit Dude
Pretty much untouched, The cook Islands are filled with little creatures.
Sailing the Lagoon
Surrounded by wave breaking reef, Muri Lagoon is ideal from a swim and a snorkel, with clear turquoise water.. occasional sailing events make the scenery very pleasant to watch..
Muri Beach
The Cook Islands; needless to say.. wonderful commercial-like untouched beachs
Muri Lagoon Muri Lagoon Twirls Stem and Branches Hibiscus Bananiers Red Tree Peacock Tree Hermit Dude Sailing the Lagoon Muri Beach
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