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The Fence
The famous toothbrush fence from Flight of the Conchords.
Bridal Veil
We went for a ride that wasn't planned, and we saw a sign for a "bridal veil" waterfall. Worth it!
Odd Mushrooms
Randomly came accross these Mario Bros-like mushrooms on top of this little hill that we went to to get a great view of Auckland at night.
Colourful Auckland
This is the only long exposure picture that worked that evening!!
Hot Water Beach
In the background, Hot water beach. It's a two hour drive away from Auckland. You dig a whole in the beach, and you find hot water at the bottom, from the thermal activity below the beach; your own hot tub! :)
Thermal Maori Village
This isn't Fog or low clouds.. It's fumes from thermal activity a few feet below our feet..
Limestone formation
A walk to Cathedral cove
Wairaka was the daughter of a Maori leader, who dared to go against tribal laws to save women and children by paddling her boat to shore.
The smoke was steaming out of there pretty hard, very noisy too. Impressive.
Sulphuric Place
Sulphur deposits all over the place.
White Island Crater
Walking around white island, I didn't know that it had an actual crater. What a pleasant surprise to walk up to this green fluid filled crater, with fumes dancing around everywhere..
Volcanic Activity
These pictures aren't tricked. Smoke was flowing out of every whole in the ground on White Island. Still can't believe we did that.
Mining Station
Remnants of chariots used for mining on White Island, NZ.
White Island
Interesting red rocks on the shored of white island, an active volcano.
Wind Clouds
The cloud just made that volcano (Mount Ngauruhoe) look so much cooler!
Mount Doom
This hike was just so great.
I like that view; colorful rocks, a huge ridge, pond and a cool looking volcano.
Down the Crater
Looking down into the red crater, at the high spot of the crossing.
Crater Rim
Red craters are impressive!! how do they get to be red?
Red Crater
Impressive sight, walking right on the ridge of it at one point.
Black Lava
At the bottom, you can see black lava, that would have came out of either the red crater or Mount Ngauruhoe.. the lake is called blue lake.
Emerald Lake
This is one the emerald lakes seen on the tongariro crossing..
Tongariro Crossing's Best View
The Tongariro crossing is a day walk.. demanding at times, but you'll agree with me; very rewarding!! Mount Mount Ngauruhoe, Mt Ruapehu, the red crater.. Do it!!
White Pink Red
Lots of wild plants and flowers on the last few kms of the tongariro crossing
Christchurch Tram
The tram = the charm of the city. Went through this alley as we were drinking our yellow rocket coffees. try their brownies!
Christchurch Cathedral
This church is exactly in the middle of Christchurch.
Church of the Good Shepherd
Church built facing lake Tekapo, with Mount Cook in the background.
Ice Float
Piece of ice that detached from the glacier.. I like blue.
Sealy Tarn
It snowed that morning and that made everything pretty
Mount Cook
We managed to see the peak of Mount cook eventually.. the one on the far right!
Elephant Rocks
This spot was very mysterious. I red about elephant rocks in my book; we took the turn off and this is what we saw.
Sandfly Beach
Secluded beach near Dunedin Nz, where you can see sea lions and penguins, and also beautiful sunsets!
Hello Yellow
This rare dude (yellow-eyed penguin), swam right out of the water and walked to the dunes a few meters away from us. Fantastik, I thought.
Matai Falls
Matai Falls is in the Caitlins, south east Nz.
Purakaunui Falls
This wonderful waterfall can be found on the south east coast of the South Island of New Zealand, AKA the Caitlins.
Ocean View
Driving around led us to the sea somehow, south of Dunedin, and I just thought the golden field against the green ocean and the blue sky would be a great picture.
South Island Coast
Rugged, wild, untouched, cold, windy, green and blue.
Lamb Kebabs
I was waiting for a good moment to take pictures of sheep when we were driving around. And since these ones were very responsive to my ruckus.,,
Daisies fighting for a better spot to absorb the sun.
Foggy Fjord
Even though upset about driving 3-4 hours to get to this place in the rain and fog, I thought it looked interesting and mystical..
Yellow Rocks
I was upset, because it had been foggy all morning, couldn't see Mitre peak, but then I found these yellow rocks..
Milford Sound
Mitre peak was exposed for about 5 minutes..
South Island is covered with these..
Fjordland Forest
Unreal sensations walking through this rainforest in the middle of Fjordland, short walk off of highway 94 coming back from Milford sound. The air was damp, cold, fresh and smelled like canadian fall.
We hiked up this mountain in record time we thought, and the view was lovely; Lake Wanaka..
Jackson Bay
Blue skyies and red flowered trees make beautiful sceneries..
Southern Alps
Driving up the west coast of South Island, being at sea level, you realize how big the Southern alps are, with Mt Cook in the middle.
Franz Josef
Apparently the Glacier used to fill this entire valley a while ago.
Arthur's Pass River
One of the many rivers in the Southern Alps.
The Fence Bridal Veil Auckland Odd Mushrooms Colourful Auckland Hot Water Beach Thermal Maori Village Limestone formation Wairaka Breathing Sulphuric Place White Island Crater Volcanic Activity Mining Station White Island Wind Clouds Mount Doom Crossing Down the Crater Crater Rim Red Crater Black Lava Emerald Lake Tongariro Crossing's Best View White Pink Red Christchurch Tram Christchurch Cathedral Church of the Good Shepherd Ice Float Sealy Tarn Mount Cook Elephant Rocks Sandfly Beach Hello Yellow Matai Falls Purakaunui Falls Ocean View South Island Coast Lamb Kebabs Daisies Foggy Fjord Yellow Rocks Milford Sound Lupins Fjordland Forest Wanaka Jackson Bay Southern Alps Franz Josef Arthur's Pass River
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