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CP 567762
CH Robinson 53 foot domestic container riding on CP train 142 June 2 2018. CP 53 foot well car set.
dttx 55435
CN 53 foot domestic container rides on top of of a 40 foot international container in a 40 foot well car. Train 148 at Copetown.
dttx 645951
Train CN 148 Chicago to Montreal via Brampton. Both domestic containers . Couldn't trace.
dttx 646407 sni over tiger
Tiger Cool Express is a domestic reefer container operator. Toronto is not shown as a network point. CN Train 148.
dttx 646612
DTTX 655787
Containers ex-Detroit on CPtrain. Tried to trace top unit. Could only get from Turkey to Detroit via NYC on tracing screen No indication why it was going to Montreal on CP
DTTX 721442 HLBU 9071313
Detroit to Genoa by truck, CN to Halifax and sea beyond.
DTTX 724603
All three well are loaded with CN 53 foot domestic containers.
DTTX 724603 A
The "A" well of a three well car loaded with CN RU domestic 53 foot containers on Train 148. Copetown ON
dttx 727094
No numbers are legible but probably export containers from Chicago to Europe via Halifax. CN TR148.
dttx 729539
CP train 142. Loaded with Hub Group 53 domestic under EMP 53 domestic.
DTTX 74421 0 B
dttx 759410
On train CN148 ISO 40 footer in well with a CN 53 on top.
dttx 760558d
CP TRAIN 142. The GOLD 40 and UASC 20 are leasers for Hapag Lloyd. The 40 well car is a remanufacture by TTX. It can carry 2 x 20 and 1 x 40 or 1x53 on the top position.
DTTX 760789
SNI over OOCL CN Train 148 June 2 2018
DTTX 785298
DTTX 787446
53 foot well car with 40 foot in lower position and 53 on top.
FEC 70750
Containers on CP Train 142 . The EMP container is likely a rebadged HUB Group box.
FEC 71203
CP Train 142. This car has Florida East Coast (FEC) reporting marks. It is equipped with a fifth wheel so a semi trailer could be loaded in it.
gtw676021 with 2 EMHU cans
EMHU 648434 over EMHU 262172 loaded on a CN/GTW well car travelling on CP train.
sm line container
Normally a grabbed shot of a container on the highway isn't worth keeping but SM LINE is a new container company fir the Asia - North America run. First sighting of this company.
sni intermodal
Traveling on CN Train 148 June 2 2018
uacu 5394265
CN train 148 June 2 2018. CHICAGO loaded June 1 Shipped rail June 1 @19:12 moving to Halifax via Montreal to arrive June 6 to be loaded on MV Atlantic Sea June 7 to arrive in Liverpool England June 13 on Hapag Lloyd.
UCRY is for Utah Central railway. The lower container (UACU 8541056) was traced. It was from CN Train 148 Chicago to Montreal to Halifax where it was transloaded for sea voyage to London Port - final destination Peterborough (GB)
CP 567762 dttx 55435 dttx 645951 dttx 646407 sni over tiger dttx 646612 DTTX 655787 DTTX 721442 HLBU 9071313 DTTX 724603 DTTX 724603 A dttx 727094 dttx 729539 DTTX 74421 0 B dttx 759410 dttx 760558d DTTX 760789 DTTX 785298 DTTX 787446 FEC 70750 FEC 71203 gtw676021 with 2 EMHU cans sm line container sni intermodal uacu 5394265 ucry57275-c
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