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via ntrs canpa
Looking north from Evans Avenue towards GO Kipling. The nearest overpass is the QEW with The Queensway behind it.
Amtrak 107
AMTK 107 is operated by a VIA Rail crew while in Canada running between Toronto Union Station and Niagara Falls ON as VIA Train 97, A USA based Amtrak crew will take over in Niagara Falls and start it on the journey to New York City as The Maple Leaf. - See September 1 2018 as well.
TMC VIA 1 power
VIA 6431 and 6435 are at the Toronto Maintenance Centre with the trainset for VIA 1 - The Canadian which travels between Toronto and Vancouver via Winnipeg and Edmonton 3 times a week.
VIA 906 with a 6 car HEP trainset waits its call to go to Union Station sitting in the yard at the Toronto Maintenance Centre .
VIA coach 3366
Train 73, Saturday February 24 2018. VIA 919 was the power.
via 6405
A late running VIA 76?
VIA 6407
Train 76 from Windsor to Toronto. No Canada 150 logo.
via 6409
Next Stop, Toronto Union for Train 70.
via 6410
Train 75 already 20 minutes late leaves Oakville ON on its way to Windsor.
via 6412
via 6429
via 6431
Train 75
via 6443
VIA TR 72 passing Copetown ON Mile 10.9 Dundas Sub
VIA 903
via 904
via 905
Train 75, Toronto to Windsor, heading to first station stop at Oakville passing Clarkson Road level crossing.
via 909
Train 72 on the home stretch to Toronto Union station.
via 910
VIA 910 leads a westbound train into Toronto Union Station from the eastern end of The Corridor either Montreal or Ottawa. .
via 910
VIA train 73 passing Copetown ON Mile 10.9 Dundas Sub
VIA 914
VIA 916 on CANPA .
VIA 916 leads Train 73 over the CANPA connector line from the CP Galt Sub back to the GO Lakeshore West (CN Oakville) as trains are detoured around the Humber River Bridge replacement weekends only during fall 2018. This is the Evans Avenue level crossing.
VIA 918 arrives Oakville
Train 73 - Toronto to Windsor
VIA 919
VIA 919 leads Train 73 past Clarkson MP 16 . The Canada 150 logo has been removed. February 24 2018
via coach 3307
LRC coach built by Bombardier in 1982. Last car on TR 73 5/19/18
via coach 3339
LRC coach built by Bombardier in 1983. Was on Train 73 on 5/19/18
via coach 3351
The CANADA 150 wrap on the locomotives and some cars includes a list of points served by VIA RAIL. Coach 3351 would never be sent to 3 of these four places. It is assigned to CORRIDOR service and London is the only Corridor point shown. This coach was built in 1984.
via coach 3368
LRC coach built by Bombardier in 1984. Was last car on Train 72 5/19/18
via coach 4104
68 seat Stainless Steel Coach. Originally built in 1953 for the C&EI (Chicago & Eastern Illinois) as #484. Served till 1970 when assigned to L&N as #3245 until Amtrak was formed in 1971. Amtrak coach #http:// 1990. VIA 154 until converted to service use in 1996/96. This photo on Train 73 passing copetown ON - June 2 2018.
via coach 4121
One of the oldest coaches in VIA service this was originally built for the RF&P in 1947. it was refurbished in the mid 1990's as HEP II (head end power) and placed in Corridor service.
VIA coach 8107
Train 73 on September 16 2018 has VIA coach 8107 as the last car. It is slowly moving along the Canpa Connector detouring around the Humber River bridge replacement project.
VIA Coach 8107
VIA Coach 8107 was built by the BUDD company for the CPR in 1955. It and fellow fleet mates were refurbished between 1993 and 1995 and placed in VIA Corridor Service. It was on Train 76 this day.
Via coach en francais
This coach passing GO Mimico on the way from VIA TMC to Union Station wears the French VIA 40th Anniversary slogan.
VIA Station Oakville
via station oakville trackside
Oakville is combined VIA and GO station.
4 car train set heads west through Union Station Rail Corridor possibly headed to the TMC at Willowbrook Yard in Mimico.
via ntrs canpa Amtrak 107 TMC VIA  1 power TMC VIA  906 VIA  coach 3366 via 6405 VIA 6407 via 6409 via 6410 via 6412 via 6429 via 6431 via 6443 VIA 903 via 904 via 905 via 909 via 910 via 910 VIA 914 VIA 916 on CANPA . VIA 918 arrives Oakville VIA 919 via coach 3307 via coach 3339 via coach 3351 via coach 3368 via coach 4104 via coach 4121 VIA coach 8107 VIA Coach 8107 Via coach en francais VIA Station Oakville via station oakville trackside westbound
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