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Rock Garden
The beginning of the volcanic tableland. Loved seeing these rocks against the sun light busting through some cloud layers. Background is the Sierra escarpment.
The Tablelands
The Owens River leaks through the willows and grasslands. Saw some fly fishermen working their spots along Chalk Bluff Road. This one of my fave shots btw...colors, shapes and background please my eye. Telephoto shot to compress the elements.
A Long Way Home
Loved seeing this sign when I pulled off 395 in Bishop Ca. Drove the mid-Cape Highway many times in my youth, but didn't know the 6 was a cross country route. This is where it starts, and Ptown is the end of line, for some the end of the world, on the Atlantic side anyway...That is a fresh dump of evening snow on the White Mountain peaks.
Starting Out
Traveling north on 395 just outside of Bishop,Ca
Granite Spearpoints
395 North
The Chutes
A post card shot that I could not resist in full morning light, pulled over on the exit ramp. McGee Canyon my morning destination.Love the avalanche chutes, the bowls...look for thin trails from sliding stones. Just a light dusting of Sierra snow here.
Crowley Lake
From the road leading up to McKee Canyon, but looking east into the White Mountains and home of the ancient ones, the Bristlecone Pines.
Looking across into Long Valley and into the White Mts through the autumn color.
McGee Trail
Just an easy stroll, the good morning light is fading
Break Time
Past the chutes and bowls and looking into the glacial carved McGee Canyon, glowing with aspen. Used my binocs for a while and looked for big horn sheep...no luck.
Alpine Colors
Some alpine scenery and a sweet mix of colors along the slopes, but the hike forward is over and time to exit and retrace my steps. Still no big horns.
Western Meadow Lark
Mono Lake Tufa
Mono lake in Lee Vining, Ca. a saltwater lake with amazing limestone formations. Fresh water springs seep from the lake floor into the saltwater, as the water level in the lake dropped these tufa columns were revealed.
Tufa Columns
These columns are along the south side of Mono. The tallest spire is about 12 feet and must have been many years the making. The Sierra Nevada high country in the background.
Mono Basin
Looking south east across the basin. Had to stall on the way back to parking lot and find a spot for the tripod. Enjoyed watching the last light linger on these old hills. Loved the clouds balancing out this shot. That is an old tufa column jutting out of the foreground. The lake must have filled the basin years ago.
Me Again
Mono Morning
Early morning,on the north side of the shore.
Mono Lake
Here's the the lake front, no spires or columns just lots of boulder size tufa.
The Craters
Mid-morning, dark skies and highlights over the Mono craters...at times it looked like those cinder cones were puffing out steam. Loved the soft shadows, and light and those shades of gray through the ash field.
To Bridgeport
Ranch country north of Mono and Lee Vining into Bridgeport, Ca.
Summit Patterns
A popular spot,almost every car stopped and took a cell phone snap at this pull over near the Conway summit, elevation 8100 ft. Sun never broke through cloud layer and a nice diffused light presented various shades of color. Loved the mix of trees and foreground shrubs. The pines kind of anchor the image. Not sure if the background hill works, but wanted to give that last row of colorful aspen some breathing space.
Aspen Wild
Returning from the Virginia Lakes, late afternoon now... walked along the edge of this high meadow to get a good image of aspen trees, white trunks and wild branches.
A much lower elevation in the canyon and they grow taller and straighter
Hurrying into Lundy Canyon to find this. The water stayed flat for a nice reflection and gave good depth to the image. Loved the clouds just kissing those beautiful peaks. Came back the next day (nothing but blue skies, then) and took a nap under the first tall Pine tree on the left. Also one of my faves.
A Double Look at Lundy Canyon
Some great colors in the canyon walls and a dramatic sky. Awfully nice of the beaver to stump the trees and open up the view from here. I dig the underwater logs in the foreground, they can anchor your eyes for a moment or two and let you work the shapes and tones in that wonderful reflection.
Lundy Colors
Wanted to put a second to show the canyon walls colors.
Still Looking?
Rise and shine at Mono again. Some very large tufa monuments in the background. What a special location.
The Landing Force
Life forms emerging from the water. Wish I could have seen a deeper orange reflection in the ripples, I like this shot though.
Early Light
Starting to clear up
Black Point
Actually stopped the Subaru, turned around, found an almost legal parking spot, took about 30 minutes finding and composing this image of Mono's north shore, with Black Point dominant and Negit Island in the near background. Found a strong foreground and an interesting S shaped shoreline. There is good depth and layering to this image. Also liked the mid-tones and color combinations.
Black Point
Here is a telephoto shot from essential the same spot as the previous pic. I could not mage the focus, it's blurry, but gives an idea of the two volcanic land forms land forms.
Back to Lundy Canyon, blue skies in the mountains now and a good fresh dusting from last evening's storm clouds. This telephoto shot works a lot better here, than the one taken at Mono. Actually stopped and returned to this section of the road when I realized this would provide the best angle and light for the canyon wall. Then started working it...to get high enough to be above some aspen trees and only have the Pines in the foreground, I opened the passenger door, stood on the seat and bent over the car roof to keep steady. I was high enough, but thought it needed something more. Moved the Subaru up the road just a little more to see if larger Pine could anchor and frame the right side of the image...did the same "stand on the seat and lean thing" and made this image. Yeah, I liked it immediately.
Beaver Pond
Mid-day light at the beaver pond, not so good for pictures. But had a great nap.
Tioga Pass
Alpine lake and autumn earth tones just before Yosemite NP entry.
Canyon Light & Shadow
Lots of black matter in the universe, I'm told. There's some here. The End.
Time to Go
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