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Quarter House, Scotland
Stayed at the Quarter House just outside Stirling for 2 days of driving around the countryside.
Guest Room at the Quarter House
Quarter House is around 250 years old and the former owner hosted Margaret Thatcher as a guest here.
View from Quarter House
Quarter House sits on some 60 acres with this beautiful view from the house
Inky & Blue 2 of the residents of Quarter House
Two of the four residents at Quarter B&B, Inky and Blue. This is their "we're hungry, we haven't eaten" look they've perfected with much practise, judging by Inky's weight (he's the tubby one on the left).
Burntisland Parish Church
Burntisland Parish Church where King James and an appointed committee decided on a new English translation of the Old and New Testaments
Burntisland Parish Church Sanctuary
Burntisland Parish Church, a Church of Scotland, remains to this day after 400 years but struggles with finances to maintain the old stone strucuture
Glamis Castle
Glamis Castle, childhood home of Queen Elizabeth and her sister.
Italian Garden, Glamis Castle
The delightful Italian Garden at Glamis Castle
Glamis, Scotland
The little village of Glamis adjacent to the castle
Village Cottage, Glamis, Scotland
Picture perfect cottage in Glamis
Glamis Village Cottage, Scotland
Retirement cottage--in my dreams!
Church of the Holy Rude, Stirling, Scotland
James VI authorized the new translation of the Bible, completed in 1611.
Church of the Holy Rude, Stirling, Scotland
Church of the Holy Rude, in the historic city of Stirling, was where James VI was crowned King of England.
Library at Innerpeffray
Last stop, the Library of Innerpeffray, Scotland's first lending library
KIng James Bible, 1613 edition
The Library of Innerpeffray has a copy of the original 1613 edition of the King James Bible, one the left. The previous widely used version, the Geneva Bible is on the right.
KJV Bible 1613 edition
Some illustrations were included in the 1613 KJV edition
An interesting collection of books put together with the donation of Lord Madertie, David Drummond in 1680
Country driving, Scotland
Time to say goodbye to beautiful and charming Scotland, the wee bit of Britain with a big heart.
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