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Orion is visible in both the Northern and Southern
Instantly recognizable Northern and Southern hemispheres. The three stars of Orion's belt are easily located, even in the city. The brightest star in the constellation is called Rigel and is 40.000 times brighter than our sun. If you draw an imaginary line through Orion's Belt it will lead you to the brightest star in the night sky called Sirius. Just above the belt stands pumpkin-colored Betelgeuse (say BET‘l-juice) and just below it shines blue-white Rigel (RYE-jill). Both are super-large. Then let the belt point down and leftward to the brightest star in all the heavens. This is the Dog Star Sirius. In the Northern hemisphere, the constellation can be seen from late autumn to early spring. In the Southern hemisphere, Orion can be seen in the summer months, note that it will appear upside down. December, January, February are the warmest months in the Southern Hemisphere. The constellation is located on the celestial equator, halfway between the north and south celestial poles, this means that Orion can
Orion is visible in both the Northern and Southern
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