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Venice Italy by JoyElisePhotography

Enjoying the architecture and spirit of Venice, Italy ~

Esprit De Snow by Alpha Whiskey Photography

This project exemplifies that you never know where the next commission will come from. The 80s TV stuff garnered interest from the nostalgia crowd, which was unsurprising. The nostalgia market is huge. But at the start of this year a snowboarding/bike enthusiast contacted me wanting to have some posters made depicting a snowboarder or biker flying over a car.I discussed the possibility of photographing him snowboarding (a subject I would love to shoot) in order to make it more customised and... 
personal but we decided that could be a project in itself for another time. He was happy for me to use a generic or stock shot of a snowboarder. But then we had to choose the kind of car he wanted in the shot. He specified something sporty (naturally) and coloured blue or red to contrast against the snow.So I trawled eBay looking for something and soon found this 1/18 scale 1977 Lotus Esprit Turbo, blue with red and white stripes, on auction. I felt it would look great in a snow setting. I checked with the client and he approved so I bought it. (I didn’t bill the client for it since I plan to sell this model again myself).Polystyrene foam doubled for snow, while some rocks from the garden had some flour sieved onto them. The background plate was from one of my Iceland trips. I personally wanted to have more snow flying off the vehicle but the client didn’t want the car to be too obscured. Fair enough.On one of the shots I also used a flying biker that I photographed at a stunt show a while back, although I think the snowboarder works better in the wintery setting. I also made a couple of static shots of the car in the snow just because it’s a great looking car.Not wanting to play my own trumpet, and you won’t be able to tell from these web sized images, but they look great on the wall at 120x80cm (minus the black bars, of course), a reminder to us all to print our work whenever we can, especially large. It will enhance your appreciation of it no end. 

Postcards From Chile by Alpha Whiskey Photography

Felt like taking a holiday and hadn't been to Chile before but we're certainly glad we chose it. Chile is a vast country, with the Atacama Desert and the Salt Flats to the north and the mountains and glaciers of Patagonia to the south. All braced by the long arm of the Andes mountain range. With our private guides we managed to cram in quite a bit with no less than four internal flights taking us up and down the country from the mid point of the capital city, Santiago.One particular ambition... 
of mine was to see the flamingoes in the Salt Flats. But I also indulged myself with a swim in a hot spring at 4200m up in the Andes. We visited beautiful lagoons, salt mines and rock formations, and were treated the whole time to a wealth of information about the landscape and its remarkable geology. At one point our vehicle, with the ignition off and geared in neutral, was pulled uphill by magnetic minerals in the ground. Patagonia was a little cooler but not too cold in their late spring. The scenery was reminiscent of Norway with ice-capped mountains looming over sapphire blue lakes and windy fjords. Wildlife was in abundance too with no shortage of guanacos, hawks, vultures, rias and cormorants. One disappointment, given that Chile has the clearest skies in the world, was not getting a night sky shot of the Milky Way. Rather unluckily during our visit the Moon polluted the sky with too much light. Not much respite for a holiday it was intense, exhausting and exhilarating. Loved it. 

Flying Cars by Alpha Whiskey Photography

This latest project isn't especially original but one has to give the client what they want. And they wanted flying cars. Or rather flipping and flying through the air. Now the client's son, for whom these images were made, only had cars at 1/64 scale, which typically do not have very convincing details. So I agreed to supply some cars at 1/36 scale and added them to the invoice. I didn't add too many backgrounds to the images so as not to distract from the cars and I also decided to set all the action at night.The last two images aren't flying but they had gull wing doors so I picked them up thinking I could use them for something but ultimately I just made stills using e-smoke and lighting. 

Northumberland Snapshots by Alpha Whiskey Photography

Spent a few days in Northumberland recently, up by the Scottish Border. Beaches, bridges, castles and churches, a relaxing place to visit and imbibe the abundance of the United Kingdom's effortless beauty. From Alnwick Castle to Dunstanburgh Castle, Bamburgh Castle to Lindisfarne Castle, there's plenty of history to dwell on, to say nothing of the views. The castle on the mount at Lindisfarne was a particular highlight at sunset and dusk. We also visited Paxton House near Berwick upon Tweed... 
and crossed the Union Chain suspension bridge into Scotland. On the way back we popped in for a brief look at Hexham Abbey. I didn't take many photos on this trip; that wasn't its purpose, and being with other folks I was somewhat subject to their timetable. But is was a welcome respite and I enjoyed it. 

Alien by Alpha Whiskey Photography

A slight detour from the vehicular photography, this time someone asked me to make some shots with their figurine from the Alien movies. The figurine was around 25cm.I quickly constructed a spaceship 'corridor' by taping some black drinking straws together and then gluing the tape to some cardboard. The rest was smoke and light, and a glycerin and water mix sprayed onto the alien for additional shine and saliva. The results in-camera were actually good enough that I (fortunately) didn't... 
have to do a lot of additional editing or processing. I shot with tungsten white balance to give the bluish tinge reminiscent of the movies, and in post I removed any obvious joints in the model and added some saliva strands to the teeth (using a pic of dripping honey!). Some of the images were desaturated to give them a colder and more remote feel. I don't think the last few images of the whole figure on the rock (actually a doorstop) or the close-ups were completely convincing but anyway. I'm happy (and so is the client) with the corridor shots. You can almost hear the hissing...Video with music can be seen here.

American Muscle by Alpha Whiskey Photography

Another scale model commission, this time from a collector who wanted me to create some posters of some of his collection. I selected the models that I felt were the most photogenic, namely the primary coloured muscle cars plus a couple of others, all 1/18 scale. Since most collectors of the real versions spend a lot of time tinkering in the garage I decided to build a scale garage to put them inside and photograph. Basically a few sheets of cardboard sprayed with concrete texture paint... 
with a window cut out of one of them. A few items of paraphernalia, such as springs from clothes pegs and a black drinking straw doubled as suspension springs and an exhaust pipe respectively. A vaping device and a small lamp outside the window created the musty, smokey atmosphere that I wanted, giving the cars presence, vintage and mystery. The client also wanted some action shots (naturally) but with the strict caveat to not cause any damage to these precious collectibles. Thus the hardest part of the set-ups was ensuring that the models remained in mint condition before and after the shoot. They did. Black bars were added to the top and bottom of the images to give them a 'cinematic' look. Once again, success was all about finding the right angles and lighting, along with a few practical effects.  

Banger Racing 2018 by Alpha Whiskey Photography

Possibly not as thrilling as last year's racing but we nevertheless had a great time in the company of our friends Nat, Rob and young Harry at this annual event in Powys. The stubborn rain slowed the pace somewhat, clogging the track and no doubt many wheels, but the determined drivers battled through the resistance to send mud flying and smoke billowing in every direction. In any case, I could barely hold my camera steady laughing so much at the commentary offered by a hilarious duo blaring over the field through the ubiquitous speakers. They clearly enjoyed their drink and it was worth attending just to listen to them. Good weekend, good fun.

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