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Winkworth Arboretum autumn leaves by Doug Stratton

Fractals by Alfons L Reiter

Alfons L Reiter is a Swiss photographer, who loves macro photography and fractals. In a fractal is the same depth as in a flower for example. Particular research in fractals he find a similarity to animals.

Tout est imagination… ;-) by Dominique-Bruyneel

Black and White Photography by Arian Shkaki

Someone once said that if you want to hide the flaws of a photo image, change it into black and white. Well, that very often could be true, but is it so in reality? And why you need to change into BW when the world is so colourful?

Savanna Portage State Park MN by Richard Isenhart

Sue and I were staying in the camper cabin at Savanna Portage MN State Park. One frosty morning we had to get up to use the "facilities". The sun was just coming up and the lake was covered with a soft fog. Great photo op... forgetting about the facilities I ran back and got my camera, tri-pod, and graduated filters. In my pajamas and slippers for the next 30 minutes I sat on a bench facing across the lake composing all sorts of images into the rising sun . All of them looking wonderful... 
in my brain. (Some did turn out kind of "nice" but not worth printing.) Eventually Sue got dressed and came back to see how I was doing. She walked out onto the fishing dock and faced away from the sun and called me down to see this beautiful scene. I snapped two pictures and this is one of them. I absolutely love it! It's good to have an extra set of eyes. Thank you Sue.

Bratanov Winery - Syrah Sans Barrique Wild Fermented 2015 by Arian Shkaki

Сира (Syrah) - един от най-обичаните винени сортове за винолюбителите от Стария и Новия свят. Липсват категорични данни за произхода на името на сорта, но той е познат още като Шираз (Shiraz) - основно в Австралия и винените региони от Новия Свят. Вината от сорта Сира обикновено са... 
с плътно и мощно тяло, характеризират се с плътен рубинен цвят, аромати на  боровинка, касис, шоколад, носят със себе си една приятна пикантност и имат отличен потенциал за отлежаване.

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