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Tout est imagination… ;-) by Dominique-Bruyneel

Black and White Photography by Arian Shkaki

Someone once said that if you want to hide the flaws of a photo image, change it into black and white. Well, that very often could be true, but is it so in reality? And why you need to change into BW when the world is so colourful?

Savanna Portage State Park MN by Richard Isenhart

Sue and I were staying in the camper cabin at Savanna Portage MN State Park. One frosty morning we had to get up to use the "facilities". The sun was just coming up and the lake was covered with a soft fog. Great photo op... forgetting about the facilities I ran back and got my camera, tri-pod, and graduated filters. In my pajamas and slippers for the next 30 minutes I sat on a bench facing across the lake composing all sorts of images into the rising sun . All of them looking wonderful... 
in my brain. (Some did turn out kind of "nice" but not worth printing.) Eventually Sue got dressed and came back to see how I was doing. She walked out onto the fishing dock and faced away from the sun and called me down to see this beautiful scene. I snapped two pictures and this is one of them. I absolutely love it! It's good to have an extra set of eyes. Thank you Sue.

Bratanov Winery - Syrah Sans Barrique Wild Fermented 2015 by Arian Shkaki

Сира (Syrah) - един от най-обичаните винени сортове за винолюбителите от Стария и Новия свят. Липсват категорични данни за произхода на името на сорта, но той е познат още като Шираз (Shiraz) - основно в Австралия и винените региони от Новия Свят. Вината от сорта Сира обикновено са... 
с плътно и мощно тяло, характеризират се с плътен рубинен цвят, аромати на  боровинка, касис, шоколад, носят със себе си една приятна пикантност и имат отличен потенциал за отлежаване.

Fly Agaric mushroom by Richard Isenhart

Fly Agaric mushroomI take a lot of mushroom  pictures. This is the most pleasing. The poisonous Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) mushroom has such a lovely yellow orange glow. The bumps on  the cap give it character. I like the way the mushroom is slightly off  center. The green moss is a   complementary color that makes both colors  pop off the page. I like the smooth spot on the cap, it draws me to it  every time. I like the way the focus grows softer as you move deeper into the... 
background. This mushroom popped up right next to our camper. I took my time with this set up. I had to drop my tripod down to the ground level. The camera was hanging upside-down. I was laying down with twigs and brush poking me. I composed and recomposed (and maybe decomposed). I carefully focused (I nailed it, the image is tack sharp!). I set up a 30"  diffuser to soften the light. I tripped the cable release (several times with minute changes). I got up and opened a beer. Aug 2014, Fundy National Park located on the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick.

St Louis River by Richard Isenhart

St. Louis River rapids from the swayback bridge in Jay Cooke State Park MN This is my second choice for  ‘best of class’ in the landscape category. I love how the water flows. The rocks are tack sharp and their crisp texture complements the bleakness of the sky. The warmth of the forest promises some shelter from the raging river and the storm. It is the post processing and presentation that make this picture so striking. In Lightroom I created the HDR and then played all my games in... 
image enhancement: crop; sky enhancements; trees/center brightness, clarity, some contrast; sharpen the rocks and this time the trees too; soften the water and clouds; and clone out imperfections. I printed this on 16” x 24” polished aluminum. On metal there is less ink  in the lighter areas. More light is reflected off these  areas making the image “shine”. As you move around and the light source  moves the water dances and flows. You can’t see this on a computer  display but you should see it in person. I get tingles when I look at  it. (Okay, I hear you, get a life Dick.)

Christina Falls Mt Rainer by Richard Isenhart

When I look this photo of Christine Falls in Mt Rainer National Park, I see the technical details that went into it and I am pleased with the results. I like the way my eye is drawn into the scene, how the vibrance makes the image jump off the screen; but then I feel a peacefulness, I want to walk into the Falls and feel the spray (I didn’t risk the climbing down, some people did), I feel a love for the beauty of nature, an appreciation of the beauty of our world, I am at peace. 

Kruger National Park, South Africa by Garth Fuchs

General information centred around gear, camera setup and advise for wildlife photography in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

La Campana/ N ridge/ short-cut to Dromedaries/ Colorado Pk 9,050' Jan12/20 by PierreNel

Credit:  Nearly all these pictures were taken by fellow-hiker Janosh, who has recently joined our group, bringing with him not only fleet feet, but an enthusiasm for recording our exploits.

Charlecote Park by Alpha Whiskey Photography

Spent a lovely day at this pre-Elizabethan country estate, surrounded by its own deer park, on the banks of the River Avon. 

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