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I Heart Goats by blissfulwanderlust

Goats are a new found love of mine. I never really thought much about goats before I came to Bangladesh. I never had any interactions with them, but here in Dhaka...I see goats everywhere! When I go to the market they are frequently tied up for slaughter,  in preparation, for holidays like Eid. I also see many goats occupying the "free range" status...hanging out in streets eating grass. In addition to Dhaka, I have seen a variety of goats during my holiday travels in Nepal, Indonesia,... 
India, Thailand, Norway, Ireland and Ghana. The goats are all so very different. I have grown, over the past year, to just love goats. Plus, they are hilarious. The more time I spend around them, the more I get to know them. Hilarious because they have such personalities, especially seen, and enjoyed, when they are in a group. I visited a goat farm  this summer in Townshend, VT and was able to see their little personalities as they spent time in their small families of 3-4 goats. They each were so different, yet so neat. One thing they all had in common, was that they were so snuggly and lovely. When I think of goats I think of this- horned, hopping, head-butting, hugging, and humble creatures, and plus...have you seen their rectangular pupils and felt their warm, care-free spirits! What's not to love....

St Alban's Cathedral by Alpha Whiskey Photography

Before my friend left I wanted to share with her the magnificence of St Alban's Cathedral, with its mix of Roman, Norman and Gothic architecture. Massive and grand, it easily lured us into the deep well of its architectural beauty, impressing us with the sumptuously carved towering masonry and numerous archipelagos of light and shadow.  A real photographic treat with copious geometry to lend to one's composition. Once again, the fisheye lens helped to open up the vast interiors and capture... 
some beautiful symmetry, and in slight contrast to the images from The King's College Chapel I have processed these to reflect the stunning warmth of light lancing through from the outside and nestling into pockets of stone everywhere. All images made with the Olympus E-M5, with either the 12-40mm f/2.8 or the sayang 7.5mm F/3.5.

View From The London Eye by Alpha Whiskey Photography

Another item on Christina's list so naturally Alpha Whiskey delivered. London doesn't have the greatest skyline but it does look beautiful when the lights go on, thus I timed our ascent to coincide with the onset of dusk. Despite the grey, murky weather we still had a good time seeing the city from above. The last few shots are from earlier shenanigans at Madame Tussauds. I had been there a few times before and so didn't take many photos except for the Star Wars exhibit at the end (which was pretty cool). And, of course, Christina had to take a snap of Alpha Whiskey alongside the man of the moment. Most of these were shot with the Olympus EM-5 and 12-40mm F/2.8, with a few from the Samyang 7.5mm F/3.5 fisheye. 

King's College Chapel, Cambridge by Alpha Whiskey Photography

My good friend Christina was lucky enough to visit Alpha Whiskey last week so she had the full tour of London, of course, but also on her wish list was a trip to Cambridge. I didn't hesitate to take her, knowing from my previous visits what a beautiful and picturesque town Cambridge is. The weather wasn't at her best for us but where better to take refuge than the King's College Chapel, a spectacular edifice of Gothic architecture with some of the finest stained glass windows anywhere in the... 
world. The magnificent and vast fan vaulted ceiling loomed mightily above us, inviting its tiny visitors to crane our necks up and marvel at it. The imposing central organ shadowed the chequered floor and wooden pews as light flooded in to backlight the stories depicted on the stained glass windows. After the Chapel we explored the town and went punting on the River Cam, where our excellent oarsman regaled us with a fascinating wealth of knowledge about the town and university. Most of these shots were taken manually focused with the Samyang 7.5mm F/3.5 fisheye lens mounted on the Olympus E-M5. The rest were taken with the Olympus 12-40mm F/2.8. I found that despite the obvious distortion, the fisheye captured the cavernous interiors rather well, providing a sense of size and scale that makes the viewer feel suitably small. I have tried to process the images to accentuate the geometry and vastness of the Chapel's interiors, as well as allude to its age with a slightly washed out look. 

With Gratitude...Iceland 2016 by blissfulwanderlust

Oh Iceland...you reinvigorated my soul, touched my heart and left me with an intense connection...to myself, the Earth and the Universe. With Gratitude to you Raw mother earth, I will always feel your connection & vibration, see your green pastures & massive glaciers in my memory, feel your energy, and yearn to see your volcanic black sand beaches again soon. The experience you gave me allowed me to be quiet in my body, crisp in my thoughts, and feel connected to my world. You are a special place.

Fardagafoss And Beyond by Alpha Whiskey Photography

This pair of waterfalls was a great find along my east coast drive, and yet another destination not on my original itinerary. But I was happy to take the time out to hike up the hill to enjoy them.The lower fall poured itself into a small meander decorated on all sides by some remaining autumnal yellows, while the upper fall invited me in behind it from where I could marvel at the fjord in the distance. Taking a photo free of droplets proved a challenge so close to the fall but there was a... 
wonderfully large space behind it to enjoy a solace broken only by sound of rushing water. After this welcome detour I continued south along the eastern side under gathering clouds taking in the scenery until I reached Hofn, a small town by then soaking in the rain and shrouded in the darkness. All images taken with the Olympus E-M5 and 12-40mm F/2.8, processed to embolden colours and contrast. 

East Iceland by Alpha Whiskey Photography

The trip that keeps on giving while I'm busy not taking many photos this month. Well, Iceland is a bit like that, a small island with no end of beautiful places to marvel at and reap images from.My time in the east of the country spanned essentially one whole day from sunrise at Hengifoss to a rainy night at Hofn. But these images cover the day up to Seydisfjordur. I actually arrived at Hengifoss the night before but I hadn't realised it was a 2km uphill hike from the car park to the... 
waterfall. And in any case it was dark and the northern lights were displaying. But the following morning I headed out during a vivid sunrise towards Hengifoss, the only person there or en route, allowing me to enjoy the quiet solitude for over an hour. I headed further east towards Seydisfjordur, enjoying a spectacularly colourful drive flanked by stunning autumnal colour. I'll add images from that to a post dedicated to shot taken along roads. Seydisfjordur is a small coastal town with not much going on but for some great views from the hill overlooking it and a small waterfall called Gufufoss.After taking in a few views of the fjord I found Fardagafoss, composed of upper and lower waterfalls but I'll add images from that in a separate post.For now enjoy these shots, processed to bring out bolder colour and contrast and hopefully convey a sense of the beauty of this land. Mostly shot with the Olympus E-M5 and 12-40mm F/2.8. 

Godafoss And Dettifoss by Alpha Whiskey Photography

To name but two. After Hraunfossar I drove for most of the day towards Godafoss, only to be met there by unrelenting rain, wind and mist making any photography impossible. So, after returning from Alderyarfoss and the aurora display I spent the night at Godafoss hoping for some better luck in the morning. To my relief, the morning brought clear weather and a colourful sunrise.After Godafoss I hurried towards Husavik for a spot of whale watching, images from which I'll probably add in a... 
separate post. Curiosity took me to the Asbyrgi Canyon, another potentially expendable item on my itinerary but one I'm glad I took the time to visit. An eerily empty and tranquil place, full of autumnal colour and embraced on all sides by high canyon walls. At its heart was a serene, silent and still pool, teeming with beautiful rocks. Navigating to Dettifoss, Europe's largest waterfall, my trusty sat nav once again sent me along an apparently short route that belied its rocky and treacherous ride. At least I could enjoy some lovely scenery en route while trying to stay vertical. Before long I could see the plumes of mist from Dettifoss and hear her roar. Dettifoss is mighty indeed, the magnitude of her sound and breadth overwhelming the senses. I hadn't realised that further on was another waterfall, Selfoss. By now the light was fading, the mist was intensifying and I was running out of time. I trudged over to Selfoss only to be stopped by large puddles around slippery rocks. I managed to hop and skip my way over to the edge of the cliff near the waterfall, and I still don't know how I set up a tripod in near darkness on a wet surface next to a steep drop, manually focusing with a 50mm lens to get a shot off. Returning to my vehicle was a blind battle through a chokingly thick fog and it took me a while to locate my vehicle. Driving through the fog was even more challenging but as I headed east towards Hengifoss it cleared up to make way for a beautiful moonlit sky.All in all, a good day.

"Twinning" Sibling Fun in Norway...Biking 2 Bergen, Laughing in Lofoten by blissfulwanderlust

My brother moved to Norway 5 years ago. It wasn't until the last year that I was able to financially swing a visit! I have seen him twice in the last year. I feel so grateful that he has chosen such a beautiful place to live, and that we have had the chance to spend time exploring and seeing two very different parts of the country together...

Ghana-the land of Kente, Cacao & beautiful smiles...and to that, I say, Me Daa Si! by blissfulwanderlust

Africa, the motherland. The land full of history & mystery...I had only seen and heard about this beautiful land...I began my exploration in and around Accra with a taxi driver turned tour guide, at least temporarily. National forests, the gold coast, & busy markets in the heart of Accra...

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