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Japan Golf (While on my last recent business trip to Japan, I had a chance to play a round of golf near Kyoto. The day was overcast and drizzling. Between the lush colors from the drizzle, and the layout of this particular hole, I felt compelled to snap this shot. All I had with me on the golf course was my iPhone for a camera.This was taken in early November, 2014.)
First Snow (First ground covered snowfall of the season. Freshly fallen leaves from autumn in evidence on top of freshly fallen snow.)
Framing Autumn (Taken at my sisters house while having an early dinner. I glanced out the window and thought how wonderful autumn looked framed in the window.)
Painted Colors
Winter solstice (One of my favorites from some years ago. This was taken on my Pentax K1000, 50mm F1.8 Pentax lens on Ektachrome 200 slide film. I bracketed this shot 3 stops plus and three stops minus. This one was my favorite saturation at plus two stops. Scanned using a cheap O' Ion Film 25D. Pretty darn close to what I saw!)
Living Bog.
Recycling back to earth.
Tree through the forest.
Trail bridge over bog
On the bike trail.

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