Photography News January 10, 2022

//Photography News January 10, 2022

Photography News January 10, 2022

Quote: “A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.” – Ansel Adams


Create High Contrast Portraits – 11m 38s


Moon Photography for Beginners – 17m 47s


Create Amazing Art with Water Droplets – 10m 34s


Portraits at Every Aperture – ƒ1.4 to ƒ16 examples – Julia Trotti – 11m 18s


Perfect Eyes with Photoshop Neural Filters – 9m 23s


Emulating Sunset with Lindsay Adler – for one device but you can use the same principal with other equipment – 8m 36s


Thought for the day: Memories Realized

I was asked by a member of a local camera club to help her sort through her deceased husband’s photo equipment. What to sell and where. What might be given away and where, what to trash, etc. He had been a photographer for many decades and had some interesting old equipment, but probably only a few items of value.

But to her and their family the most valuable items might be the old slides and pictures, some going back decades ago, of their family.
But when she first looked at the outside of the boxes of slides she didn’t know what they were. And we didn’t even begin to dig through his digital family photos on disk.

Your very best pictures probably aren’t what your family will value the most over the next few generations. But the pictures of family members will be.

Label those picture sets and let others know where and how to find them.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Angelica Garcia – Vacio (Emptiness) Series

The content of this blog post done in collaboration with one of our members, Greg Edwards:

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