Photography News September 29, 2020 

//Photography News September 29, 2020 

Photography News September 29, 2020

Quote: “Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.” – Ambrose Bierce

How To Create Your Own Texture Resources in Photoshop & Illustrator 9m
Compositing a Pirate Ship Image – Dead Mans Fingers 
Use Live View and Electronic Viewfinders for Better Macro Photography 
Seven Common Black and White Photography Post Processing
Create Beautiful Indoor Portraits Without Flash
How to Relax a Nervous Boudoir Client – applies to any new model and some of this for working with experienced models

Thought for the day: How not to clean a sensor
On one workshop (I was a student, not the workshop leader) one student who said that they were a professional photographer (mostly families and children) asked me if I could fix the dirty sensor on their camera. We got into my car to avoid wind/blown dust and I wiped down the outside of the camera, my hands, and the work area. I asked them how they knew the sensor was dirty (they could see the dust when changing the lens—this was about 6 years ago and mirrorless cameras were in the future.  Do you see a problem so far?). I then asked what they did to try and fix the problem. They said that the spat on the sensor and rubbed their finger tip across the dirt but it just got worse. I started laughing inside.  I took the lens off and saw a very dirty spit covered mirror. It was a DSLR (in other words it used a >>mirror< to reflect light up to the viewfinder. They had spat on the mirror and rubbed it!  Not the sensor. The sensor was ok. With the mirror in the normal position the sensor is protected by the mirror. The mirror is a lot more rugged than a sensor and I used some lens cleaner to clean the mirror. And not I don’t want to identify that person.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Underwater Photographer Interview: Frank Schneide


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