Photography News April 3, 2023

//Photography News April 3, 2023

Photography News April 3, 2023

Quote: ”If everyone loves your work, you are playing it much too safe.” – David Carson and many others


What Makes a Great Portrait? With Scott Kelby – B&H Photo Video


Extreme Macro the Easy Way


Why RAW images look so flat compared to Jpeg images straight out of camera


Minimum Shutter Speed Rule
The old “1/focal length = minimum shutter speed” rule was made in the days of Tri-X film (about 3 megapixels).

Does this rule apply to a picture made with a 30-60 megapixels sensor today? Or would cameras now with far more megapixels be more sensitive to motion?

And yet it is still taught in a number of books and videos. Up your shutter speed, even if you have to use a higher ISO, or use a tripod.

Artist of the Week:
Annie Leibovitz Photography Behind the scenes | VOGUE | Masterclass

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