Photography News October 13, 2020

//Photography News October 13, 2020

Photography News October 13, 2020

Quote: It’s likely to take some new sensor technology breakthrough for me to want a different sensor than the ones we’ve already got, which are all really good.” – Thom Hogan (on APS-C cameras but applies to all now)

Shooting and Editing a Portal by Brooke Shaden, 23m – really cool!
Glowing Maples – Michael Frye
Ways to Improve the Composition of Your Black and White Landscapes
Photoshop Tutorial: How to Use Texture – Brooke Shaden 12m
How to Transform Photos into Gorgeous, Pencil Drawings 4m
Fine Art Photography The Beach Huts 14m

Thought for the day: Fire Skies
If you want realistic pictures of the skies with forest fire smoke, do not use auto white balance. Joe Decker, a couple of fires back, suggested setting your white balance to 4000K. And shooting when the Sun is low may help improve the photograph.

Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Tim Andrews


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