Photography News October 13, 2021

//Photography News October 13, 2021

Photography News October 13, 2021

Quote: “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” — Ansel Adams


Photo Tip: Why Drama Matters with Lindsay Adler – 1m 54s


Mixing Flash With Candle Light – 8m 2s


How to Easily Fix Blue Sky Gradients in Photoshop

Imaging before photography, Part II – The Aristocrat


10 Step Guide to Shutter Drag Portraits – 14m 21s (Part 1)


Black and White Portraits in a Studio – 12m 27s


Thought for the day: Dust and Cameras
A camera that is rain sealed, waterproof, or designed for diving (with or without a case) should provide protection against water damage. Dust is worse. Lensrentals has an interesting/distressing article on this: Please, Don’t Take Our Photography and Video Gear to Burning Man 

How much of a problem is dust inside your lens?
Some dust is always inside a lens.  Too much can cause some contrast loss. But dust/dirt inside a lens isn’t that big of a problem. Dust on a sensor is a problem. The article below is a bit tongue-in-cheek about what is needed to have dust/dirt inside a lens becomes a problem. Written in 2011 and still true today: The Apocalypse of Lens Dust 

How hard is it to clean a sensor?        
Not very hard with a small amount of reasonable equipment. I’ve cleaned dozens of sensors. The illuminated sensor loop (magnifier) is critical for me. With that, I hardly ever have to use a wet swab.  However, do look up how that camera should be configured to avoid Image Stabilization damage Guide to Cleaning Your Camera Sensor   
Artist of the Week/Portfolio: Robert Altman – SF Gate Obit – Wikipedia

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