Great Tips on Posing for Photos For Your Next Portrait Session

//Great Tips on Posing for Photos For Your Next Portrait Session

A lot of amateur photographers find it hard to pose their subjects due to the fact that it’s hard to translate your thoughts into clear directions. Oftentimes, you think of something so awesome when it comes to your portrait concept but you end up scratching your head when you see the final image on your computer or laptop. Plus, you risk the chance of looking lost in the middle of a portrait session if you do not have any idea on what to do. But fret not folks, help is on the way for all your posing-related woes. Here are some helpful tips on posing for photos.


Interaction is the key to having a livelier couple portrait

Interaction is the key to having a livelier couple portrait



First and foremost, what your subjects need to do is relax when they’re doing different poses for photoshoot sessions. Even though you’re in the middle of a busy scene or a number of people are stopping by to see what’s going on, it’s your job to maintain the peace and ensure your subjects aren’t stressed by what’s happening in the area. You can do that by being confident and in control of any situation that’s in front of you no matter what. If you fail at keeping your subjects relaxed, it’s gonna show in their photos and the last thing you want would be unsatisfied clients raining down complaints on your throat.



Out of all the tips on posing for photos, maintaining a clear line of communication is the most important. You need to be easy to understand with every directive or suggestion for your subjects. At the same time, you have to be sure with what you wanna do and how your concept will be executed.  Otherwise, you’re gonna end up with a photo that will not be able to use or an image that won’t even convey your artistic vision.

In line with this, it helps to speak in an authoritative manner without leaving any room for doubt. Speaking slowly will help your subjects understand you as you direct them with all of their movements or poses for photography.


A smile is a great way to make your male subject look more comfortable and at ease

A smile is a great way to make your male subject look more comfortable and at ease


Easy Poses for Guys

There’s a stigma that men are always awkward whenever they’re in front of a camera. There’s a truth in that but it doesn’t men guys cannot be posed well when someone is taking their portraits. Unlike girls, you don’t need to do that much when you’re capturing images of men. Here’s one of the many simple tips on posing for photos that you can use a lot for your next portrait session with a guy.

First off, make him feel relaxed and ensure him you’re gonna get a portrait that won’t look unnatural. Direct him to place his hands inside his pockets with his thumbs sticking out. Ask him to place his weight in one foot while angling his body sidewards with his head in your direction. Tell him to smile, and snap away. The end result will be a portrait of him looking well without any hint of awkwardness and his masculinity intact.


Flattering Poses for Girls

As compared to guys, girls can be really conscious with how they are being posed by their photographer. Fret not folks because there are ways to direct them and assure them their photos will come out fine. First, direct your female subject to clasp her hands together while slightly bending one knee forward. This will slim down her arms and give her whole body more shape as you photograph her.

If you just allow her to stand there, you’re going to have an image that looks boring and nothing will be flattering about your subject. Always remember that her hands should be preoccupied to make it look more natural too.


When posing females, make sure they look flattering

When posing females, make sure they look flattering


Creative Poses for Couples

One of the best tips on posing for photos when it comes to couples would be to have them interact with each other. This gives them the freedom to act naturally and eliminates any tension in them. At the same time, when your couple is having fun, the photos you’re gonna get are full of life as well.

For starters, have them talk to each other, look at each other’s eyes, or direct them to walk while holding hands. Another thing you can do with your couple is have them hug, whisper sweet nothings to each other, or have the guy carry his loved one suddenly. This tips will ensure your images look dynamic and convey more excitement to them.


Don’t be afraid to make them look silly. The result can astound you

Don’t be afraid to make them look silly. The result can astound you


Posing people in front of a camera can sometimes drain a photographer but it doesn’t mean it can’t be accomplished well. With constant practice and research, you can surpass your old methods and bring a whole lot more to your portraits. If you may have other tips on posing for photos in mind, don’t be shy and share it with us on the comments folks.

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